Nicole Dyan Tartaglia (formerly Koenitzer) is an artist, designer, and developer. She works as an UI/X and Visual designer for a large private company. Her freelance brand, nicoletartaglia.com, produces a wide variety of design and art projects including fine art production, branding and web design, art curation, and more. She graduated from Rutgers University in 2005, receiving a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Graphic Design and Computer Science. She served on the AIGA Philadelphia board as Interactive Director for 3 years curating an all QR code animation show and setting up many web workshops for the community. Her work has been exhibited in many galleries and events nationally. Nicole lives in Philadelphia, PA with her husband, two cats, and her baby daughter, Colette ‘Coco’.


With a graphic design and computer programming background, Nicole Tartaglia’s work combines painting, logic, design, film, and writing into art pieces that explore the input of society on a resultant output ‘personality’ through imagery alone. Often using herself as a subject matter, specifically her own face, her exploration leads to ideas about contrasting, shifting, repetitive, hidden, and inconsistent thoughts. Large frontal images display a mystique where layers upon layers are applied, then removed to allow for some unexpected exposure. Many facets are still hidden or covered, symbolizing the complexity of the personality. Her use of two dimensional illustrations and sculptures embody quick judgments. Using movable parts portrays change over time, where no single idea or thought is ever finite. At other times she focuses on contrast, specifically a variance of vibrant, yet simple colors and opposing themes. Her explorations attempt to logicize and show the human persona.


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